LØRN is a platform company with ambition to become the best learning experience for the Norwegian workforce with a system for fun and efficient lifelong learning for all. We have more than 1300 learning object in video, podcast and text format, with our own pedagogical model, which is at world level in terms of content quality and new digital learning experiences. LØRN has a unique audio-first mobile-first tailored approach to adult learning, and has proven to be a preferred supplier of this content and distribution to more than 80 companies, universities and public institutions.


We currently have more than 70 investors with an aim to help us complete the journey from an efficient consulting and production company to a true platform growth engine. If you are interested in investing in LØRN, please contact us at contact@lorn.tech.


Some of our investor documents can be downloaded below:


LØRN AS utfører en emisjon på folkeinvest.no! Her er kampanjevideoen

Video  lagt inn på bakgrunn epost fra Silvija 19. sept