How to use the platform

Welcome to Lørn. Here is some general information to help you navigate our platform and get the best out of our extensive library. 


All our content is suitable for consumption on the go, and it’s digitally distributed, so you can choose the format that suits you best: listen, watch, or read it. Our goal is to help you keep up with internal competencies, increasing your knowledge and adaptability to a complex and dynamic professional environment.


Lørn Step by Step:

  1. From the Library Menu, choose the type of content you want to learn from. Our Cases are 30-minute conversations about innovative projects with experts from diverse backgrounds and companies. If you’re going to dive deeper, we suggest Masterclasses, a 2-hour podcast series (4x30min) covering innovation and technology with experts, scholars, and researchers. You can also learn from our Webinars, digital events with enriching discussions about relevant topics, and from our Books, a collection of knowledge we’ve gathered with our partners.

  2. Check our Partners Page and our Series Page for an overview of stories of innovation in diverse topics we developed together with Partners. 

  3. To find content on each page, you can filter by topic (diverse themes related to innovation and technology), perspective (the background of our guests and experts), location, year of production, and language. You can also browse by name, if you are searching for a specific company, guest, or name of the episode. 

  4. Choose the format (audio, video, or text) and enjoy this learning experience.

  5. By becoming a premium lørner, you can favorite episodes and have them saved on My Page. You can learn from them later or repeat your favorites whenever you need a knowledge topup. 
  6. With a premium subscription, you can complete your learning experience by taking our quizzes and getting a certificate. You can also answer the reflection question, which will help you develop and register your own insights about the topic.
  7. Find your certificates and reflections on My Page, where you can also find your favorites and recently viewed content. 
  8. Do it again and keep lørning. And for any inquiries, please contact us at


For more information about our philosophy, please check the Lørn Method and our Value Proposition for Students. And of course, reach out to us if you have any questions or feedback.