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#0070 – Hva er blockchain?

Expørt: Simen Reynolds


fra Zoom Tech

Med lørner Jon Ramvi

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Simen Reynolds 


Zoom (Eller Zoom Tech 


Chief Technology Officer 

En linje om din «claim to fame». Det som skal stå som overskrift når vi publiserer. 

Addicted to learning. Studied nano– and energy technology, with a dash of innovation and business studies, did blockchain for fun, and then suddenly, I could do blockchain for work. Blockchanger, Zoomer, Scientist.  

Hvem er du, og hvordan ble du interessert i Blockchain? 

I’m Simen Reynolds, CTO of Zoom, learner of things. I was a little on the sideline about the whole blockchain thing. Thought it was cool, but never got into it proper for a while. What pushed me over the edge was actually my stepmother. She wanted to put some ethereum into something called “The DAO” a kind of decentralised blockchain venture fund. Of course, there was a hack and the whole thing changed and they had to change the underlying structure of the whole ethereum network after that.  

Hva gjør dere på jobben? 

Well, we’re a distributed team, CEO, CFO and Dev Team are in Burgas, Bulgaria, lawyer in Amsterdam, me in Norway, marketing in NY and Tel aviv, Advisors from here to Japan. So there are a LOT of emails and messages, on specifications, on legal, on platform design. Have 8 different messaging apps.  

Hva er greia med Blockchain? 

First of all, blockchain is a tool to agree on the state of something. That something can be who has what money, or it can be the shipping history of a product. The way blockchain is built it is very precise.  

Hvorfor er det spennende? 

For us it’s exciting because of a few different things, perhaps most importantly a lot of tools that we use in business today that are based on old legacy systems, the word “Escrow” can be traced back to the 12-13th century and used to mean an amalgamation of scroll and checklist.  

So for instance our platform, it creates and deploys these little escrow contracts that can trigger and transfer funds in approximately 15 seconds, and even faster in the future. That’s a type of transaction that used to be slow and expensive.  

Er det noen kontroversielle problemstillinger? 

Plenty! The first one that a lot of people will talk about at cocktail parties is the energy use, but thats not really a good argument, because well, it is expected to decrease, and also fiat money uses massive amounts of power, Google search uses about half the power of bitcoin.  

But more interesting for me is the change to crime and crime prevention.  

So, it is no secret that a lot of bitcoin is used for illegal activities on the dark web. It’s gotten to the point where even pretty low level drug dealers and street thugs use some sort of bitcoin wallet.  

And of course people are uncomfortable about that, but this is really a golden opportunity. blockchain tech is open, and so tracing transactions in the network is easy. The transaction history is right there in the open. Find one guy who sells some illegal service, say, a hitman, and just trace the accounts that have given him large sums lately. There’s this new world of “Follow the money” that has never been possible before, and the same goes for money laundering. I spoke to an investigator from the FBI in Las Vegas, that let me know they had taken down a circle of some really bad people from identifying one person and then tracking the transactions between accounts.  


Ditt eget beste eksempel på Blockchain? 

Right now I think my favorite blockchain implementations are probably some of the blockchain games being developed, that or projects like ours that are building 21st century versions of systems that have been around for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years. An honorable mention goes out to blockstack, because I don’t really know how they work, but it seems like a solid ecosystem.  


Dine andre favoritteksempler på Blockchain internasjonalt og nasjonalt? 

So Loom is pretty cool, I recommend anyone to go try their Crypto-zombies tutorials, it teaches you some basics about programming on ethereum, and how to create a game. Pretty cool, and great for the future of the space. As for nationally, I of course think Zoom is really cool, but blockchangers are working on some other cool things too. 

Hva bruker du som mental modell for hvordan det funker? 

It’s been a while since I was using models to understand this, models are after all reductionist in nature, but I guess there are a few different ones depending on the situation. First of is the shared ledger explanation, everyone has their own copy of a diary, whenever a change happens, it happens in all of them.  

Second I guess would be the idea of a global computer, this idea that you can write a piece of code, and run it completely decentralised globally.  

Hva gjør vi unikt godt i Norge av dette? 

Honestly, I’m not sure we are doing it uniquely well. I think we definitely could, we have short enough power distances and small enough systems to test and implement blockchain in voting, in business, in financial systems, but we are not quite there yet.  

10) Anbefalt lesing/seing om Blockchain? 

Lots of YouTube, and the soothing voice of Vinay Gupta.  

En favoritt Blockchain sitat? 

For me it’s a combination of several quotes. First one: “The Swarm is headed towards us”  

Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Blockchain, after Wikileaks started accepting Bitcoin payments.  

But the second is a series of other quotes, from my siblings. “What do you want for christmas?” “Crypto!” 
“What are you going to do with this new graphics card?” “Play some video games, and mine some money to pay for skins.”  

These are my favorite because, for me, blockchain is new and exciting, and I geek out about it. But for them, blockchain is a technology that just is.  

Kontaktes på? 

Telegram: @SimenReynolds 

LinkedIn: Simen Reynolds Lippe 

Email: [email protected] 


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Blockchain er et verktøy for å bli enige om tilstanden til noe. Vår plattform skaper kontrakter som kan overføre midler på omtrent 15 sekunder — en type transaksjon som pleide å være sakte og dyr.

Simen Reynolds


Ikke bare kan Blockchain bidra til økonomisk tillitt innunder smarte kontrakter, men med Blockchain kan man også dele opp arbeidskontraktens arbeidsoppgaver i mindre deler. I arbeidsmarkedet stiller man alle med sterke og svake sider. De svakere kan overføres til noen som har de som sterke. Hvorfor har vi ikke delt opp arbeidsoppgavene i kontrakter før nå egentlig?

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