Podkast: #079: IOTA Data marketplace

EKSPØRT: Business Development Director, IOTA Foundation

Med Lørner: Silvia Seres

What is the next generation of Distributed Ledger Technology? And how is IOTA entirely dedicated to enabling industrial value creation? In this episode of #LØRN, Ida Faldbakken talks to Business Development Director i IOTA Foundation, Wilfried Pimenta de Miranda, about IOTA, Blockchain, the industry 4.0 revolution and how this gives the opportunity for new business models.

— Blockchain is only one type of Distributed Ledger Technologies and is very hyped term. Immutability and permissionless aspects are maybe two fundamental technical characteristics. «Immutability» implies that you can not change the data submitted to the ledger. This provides a single source of truth which can help us «remove the middle man» and replace it with players which truly adds value to the ecosystem. «Permissionless» network is however essential as well in order to provide this to an open ecosystem that is not controlled by interested parties, he says in this episode.

What you lørn: 

  • IOTA
  • Blockchain
  • DLT
  • New business models

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