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#0137 – Intelligent IoT services empower individuals and companies

Expørt: Paul Houghton

Director, Wizardry and Development

fra Futurice

Med lørner Silvija Seres

How can Internet of things be used to strengthen your customers and your company? And how can you implement machine learning in internet of things? In this episode of #LØRN, Silvija talks to Director of Wizardry and Development in Futurice, Paul Houghton, about what IoT is and what the key concepts in this technology is. 

Noen kjappe med ekspørt Paul Houghton

Hvem er du, og hvordan ble du interessert i IoT?
American Electrical Engineer, MBA, MsC Industrial Engineering and Management, serial entrepreneur – mostly working with software, mobile and emerging technologies. About 6 or 7 years ago I was bored with mobile. At the same time, I saw the need for alternative applications of technology to help people, in particular the disabled. I could see new possibilities such as IoT hardware and 3D printing combined to assist with new, spatial and physical experiences and more customized, individually tailored delivery of service intelligence.

Hva gjør dere på jobben?
Exploring emerging technologies to find how they can help companies create better experiences for their customers, creating consulting and training packages and demonstrations around that sometimes in associated with university researchers, and creating tools and approaches for rapidly testing IoT embedded knowledge services with 3D printed snap-together functional parts. 

Hva er de viktigste konseptene i IoT?
– Single board computer (raspberry pi, Arduino, etc)
– WIFI, Bluetooth, etc. – networking
– Industrial IoT (often involves “M2M”/machine-to-machine, using the above two in factories and other machine/business cases) to add capabilities the company values
– Consumer IoT. Using these technologies to enhance user experience

Hvorfor er det spennende?
It is chaos. The market is not yet set, so there are many unmet needs and possibilities to do things better.  

Hva synes du er de mest interessante kontroverser?
“Who owns the data” or “who owns the customer” seems to be a misunderstanding from notions of property.

Dine egne prosjekter innen IoT?

Dine andre favoritteksempler på IoT internasjonalt og nasjonalt?
– Raspberry Pi 4
 Seeed Studio
– AWS Lambda
– Google Firebase
– HY5  

Hvordan pleier du å forklare IoT?
It is now cheap (a few tens of a Krone per unit of hardware) to add intelligence and networking to any physical object. The challenge is: should we? In which cases, and how, is the result significantly better for the end user. 

Hva gjør vi unikt godt i Norge av dette?
Norway is a leader in software and open systems. There are cultural values, heart and a wider understanding of the disciplines of other team members from good education which each Norwegian also brings to the team.

En favoritt IoT sitat?
“There is no cloud – only your data on someone else’s computer”.

Viktigste poeng om IoT fra vår samtale?
Don’t just buy something short term – networked services are both opportunities and traps which need to function well and help them for people to accept them once the novelty wears off.

Dette lørner du:

Sensor data
Machine learning
Raspberry pi
Industrial IoT

Anbefalt litteratur:


IoT is a fancy new term for what was previously called different things such as "built-in computing". What's new now is that the price has dropped significantly, the products are much easier and cheaper to make, and now a radio is included to connect the embedded software with a wider ecosystem such as cloud services or nearby phones.

Paul Houghton


Hva er potensielle ulemper ved bruk av Internet of Things?

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