#387: Tech.4.Good: Giulio Coppi: Shaping the tools before they shape us


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#387: Shaping the tools before they shape us

Ekspørt: Giulio Coppi

Digital Specialist for Programs

Fra Flyktninghjelpen

Med Lørner

Why is blockchain interesting for humanitarian organisations? And what new role can humanitarians play in shaping emerging technologies? In this episode of #LØRN Silvija talks to Giulio Coppi, from Flyktninghjelpen, about how humanitarians now are moving from being passive users, to actually contributing in advancing the sector.
— Humanitarians need tech partner just as much as tech companies need humanitarians. If there’s to be any hope for a future of ethical, positive technology, it goes through learning how to design for the most complex scenarios and the most vulnerable users, he explains in the episode.

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