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#413: Democratization of data

Ekspørt: Liv Elise Saune Tøftum

Head of Analytics and Customer Lifecycle Management

Fra Telenor Norway

Med Lørner

How do our patterns define us, and what can we learn about people from their patterns? In this episode of #LØRN Silvija speaks to Head of Analytics and Customer Lifecycle Management at Telenor Norway, Liv Elise Saune Tøftum, about the value created from insight, democratizing of data and automatization.

— 80% of the job is collecting and adapting the data, the remaining 20% lies in the actual analytics and algorithm. The gold is in the data. This is also where the greatest complexity and technical challenges are. The most important thing is that the insight here improvs our ability to serve customers and run an efficient business, she explains in this episode.


You will LØRN about:

  • Regulation
  • Customer life cycle
  • Algorithms
  • Pattern recognition
  • Data lake

Recommended literature:

  • Talk with professionals in your own organization 

This episode is produced in collaboration with Telenor Norway

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