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#414: AI in Telenor

Ekspørt: Astrid Undheim

VP of Analytics & AI

Fra Telenor ASA

Med Lørner

What is the advantage of working with AI from Norway? And why is it important to distinguish artificial intelligence as a technology and from its application? In this episode of #LØRN, Silvija talks to VP of Analytics & AI in Telenor Group, Astrid Undheim, about how Telenor is working with artificial intelligence.
— In order to succeed with AI in Norway, it is important to get strong initiatives where we connect industry, data and problems, with competence development and research. I am always excited by what we can achieve when data, infrastructure and suitable issues are in place, she explains in this episode.

You will LØRN about:

    • Machine Learning
    • DL
    • AI
    • Open AI lab

Recommended literature:  

This episode is produced in collaboration with Telenor Norway


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