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#416: New standardizations for 5G

Ekspørt: Rune Harald Rækken

Senior Radio Access Network Expert

Fra Telenor Group

Med Lørner

What is Norway´s unique experience in network technology from a global perspective? And why do we need new standards when connecting new devices onto the new high speed network 5G? In this episode of #LØRN Silvija speaks with Senior Radio Access Network Expert in Telenor Group, Rune Harald Rækken, about how creating a set of new global standardizations for 5G will make sure that the new smart devices will be able to speak and work smarter together.
— We need new standards in order to expand the use cases. With the new network you will get a broadband with much higher speed. This means you can get more IoT devices connected to the network; you could get up to 1 million pr. square km. This is important because everything will be connected in the future, he says.

This is what you lørn:

  • IOT
  • 5G
  • Standardization
  • Smart home

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This episode is produced in collaboration with Telenor Norway

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