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#417: New Digital Products

Ekspørt: Swati Sharma

Head of Digital Product Development

Fra Telenor Norway

Med Lørner

The next decade is expected to be the decade of voice assistants, so how will «Tia» be an important part of this? And how do Telenor develop new digital products tailored to the Norwegian family? In this episode of #LØRN wil Silvija talks to Head of Digital Product Development in Telenor Norway’s Services, Innovation and Products unit, Swati Sharma, about how they  explore new areas to develop digital  products by looking at both the technology side and the user side.
— We are focusing on the consumer, which informs how we think about technology. We have a few different products including «Min familie», which sets out to makes everyday life easier for families. One example of this is the project  «Min Fotball», which is a collaboration with NFF (Norges Fotballforbund) and has over 250,000 monthly active users. Another example is Tia, which is quite special; Tia is in its early stages, where it now focuses on voice assistants, she explains in the episode.

You will LØRN about:

    • «Min Familie»
    • Voice assistants
    • «Tia»
    • Smart homes

Recommended literature:

This episode is produced in collaboration with Telenor Norway

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