#431: Slavery in a digital age - LØRN.TECH Catharina Drejer


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#431: Slavery in a digital age

Ekspørt: Catharina Drejer


Fra Tankesmien Skaperkraft

Med Lørner

How can technology be used in enslaving people and human trafficking? And how does slavery in a digital age take place? In this episode of LØRN, Silvija talks to advisor in Tankesmien Skaperkraft, Catharina Drejer, about blockchain and slavery in a digital age.
— Today, it is estimated that there are more than 40 million slaves. To fight modern slavery, we must change the way we look at slavery today. As long as our understanding of slavery lies in the past, we cannot see the terrible crimes that can happen right in front of our eyes. Today, much of this is happening in “Cyberspace”, a shady digital world that lies outside our laws and human rights conventions, she says

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  • Technology 
  • Human Rights
  • Slavery
  • Dark web

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