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#0437 – Building a stronger innovation ecosystem

Expørt: Trond Riiber Knudsen



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1: Trond Riiber Knudsen,


3: Startup investor with 60 + company portfolio 

Building a stronger innovation ecosystem 

5: #seedinvesting #angelinvestor #innovationecosystem  


1: Siving NTNU og Harvard MBA, 25 years in McKinsey helping large global companies grow, saw that smaller startups were attarcting better talent and innovating faster, left McKinsey to work with startups and bridging these with large corporates – also super active company builder in Ethiopia where I am born. 

2: Help marshal resources and support around highly talented founder teams in the early fragile state of the ventures life – most active in their first 3 years. 

3: My CTO, Tore Sagstuen and I, always do in depth tech DD and  have a very clear requirement for the tech – it should be as current as possible – old /legacy is not good, it should be cloud based and employing a data strategy and a clear path to derive unique insights out of the data with the help of machine learning . We explain it in terms of continuous learning – the tech should be like a curious human – always eager to learn more and adjust your ideas if data proves you to wrong! 

4: Our current society needs to reduce waste in so many areas …and technology can help…in areas from food waste, to lo utilization in hospitals, antiquated teaching methods in school, unecessary isolation with the sick and elderly, etc – solving this is good for society, and creates massive business opportunities 

5: Data insight, protection and access + future of jobs with ai and robotics + upholding our liberal democracy and personal freedoms in a time when the state can «survey and observe 24/7» + «the need for ai regulation « perhaps at the highest level UN? 

6: Spacemaker – I am a structural engineer, I love technology and I would like new breakthrough businesses to grow out of Norway – Spacemaker is it! 

7: Your. MD where we have developed the worlds leading ai driven symptom checker – we are just these days signing the most amazing new corporate investor and partner to roll it out globally and Mentis-Cura where we are leading the world on diagnosing brain diseases like : Alzheimer, ADHD, and dementia – with the history, the data and the insight we are pushing forward to predictive algorithms.  

Don´t really have customers – but one way to think about it is that my customers are the next round investors – most often professional seed and Series A investors – like Atomico and Northzone in the Spacemaker case announced last week.

9:B2B and deep tech much more than B2C – health tech incl Ultrasound diagnostics, ind and prop tech, enterprise communication tech (incl video and sound),retail tech, b2b marketplaces 

10: I listen, watch and read all the time – most of my sources are US based – here is what i like the most : 

Podcasts: a16z from Andreessen Horowitz, Masters of Scale with Linkedin founder Reid Hoffman, WSJ Tech News Briefing, This Week in Startup with Jason Calacanis 

Books: AI Super-Powers by Kai-Fu Lee, Angel by Jason Calacanis, Blitzscaling by Reid Hoffman, Outside Insight by Jorn Lyseggen, Machine Platform Crowd by McAffe and Brynjolfsson, Platform Revolution by Parker, Van Alstyne, Choudary, Outliers by Adam Grant..will read Scott Kupors «Secrets of Sand Hill Road» i sommer.. 

Twitter: Li Jin consumer investing @a16z, Andrew Chen @a16z, Adam Grant, connie chan @a16z 

11 : Michael Staton Learn Capital «If 1/3 of your investments are not failing, you have not been crazy enough to hit the real outperformers» ..so we all need to embrace the uncertainty and risk taking inherent in doing something totally new .. 

12: The world is in the hands of the entrepreneurs …without a healthy startup ecosystem we will not solve our large challenges and create enough welfare to make the world an even better place for all. 


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Platform Revolution by Parker
Angel by Jason Calacanis
Blitzscaling by Reid Hoffman
Outside Insight by Jorn Lyseggen

Verden er i hendene på entreprenørene. Uten et sunt oppstartsøkosystem, vil vi ikke løse våre store utfordringer og skape nok velferd for å gjøre verden til et enda bedre sted for alle.

Trond Riiber Knudsen

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