#0438 - Greentech redefined - LØRN.TECH Susanne Gløersen


#0438 – Greentech redefined

Expørt: Susanne Gløersen

Founder and Sustainability Strategist

fra SustainableInsight

Med lørner Silvija Seres

Hvilke spennende selskaper innen greentech vokser frem i Norge nå? Og hva er «vertical farming»? I denne episoden av #LØRN snakker Silvija med Founder and Sustainability Strategist i SustainableInsight, Susanne Gløersen, om fremtidens grønne løsninger.

Noen kjappe med ekspørt Susanne Gløersen

Susanne Gløersen


Founder and sustainability strategist

Who are you and how did you become interested in technology?
I’ve worked with sustainable investing and recently as a sustainability strategist for years across the ecosystem of finance. Now I run my own consultancy firm, SustainableInsight, supporting financial players and companies as they integrate, commercialise, capitalise and invest in sustainability. 

My way into tech was through sustainability. I came to see that most green solutions across sectors and systems will be driven by technology. Today my focus is primarily green and climate tech.

What is the most important thing you do at your work?
I endeavour to accelerate the pace and increase the scale of the green transition by helping financial players and companies to commercialise and capitalise on sustainability. I work to promote new perspectives, eliminate misconceptions and broaden people’s view of green investments and green tech. 

 What are the central concepts in your tech? How do you usually explain it to kids?
Sustainability and technology are converging to make sectors and systems more efficient, productive and well-functioning, with less environmental impact. I am very interested in the impact of new technologies and disruptive materials on various industries.

Why is it exciting? What drives you here?
It is exciting to see this paradigm shift and a new wave in green tech – different from the last clean tech era (and bubble). New technology will drive a lot of the needed sustainability developments on its own, accelerating the green transition. There is so much exciting tech and growth markets to invest in, and it is motivating to gain insight into how the convergence of sustainability and technology will be shaping our future. We will see drones flying people and tending farmland, vertical farming, mostly lab-grown meat – and so much more.

What do you think are the relevant controversies?
We cannot just romanticise about technology. New tech alone will not save us. We also need to shift mindsets and practices, and not squander gains in energy efficiency. Of course, there is also the controversy surrounding the use of robotics in agriculture: they can vastly reduce environmental impacts, but many people could also lose their jobs.

Your own favourite projects?
Some of my private initiatives include providing insight into green tech and helping to facilitate increased capital to green tech. I have also launched a platform called The Sustainable Opportunity Initiative to provide more insight into this area. On a personal level, I enjoy spending time delving into green tech and the ecosystem itself. 

Your other favourite examples, internationally and nationally?
In food tech, my favourite examples are Beyond Meat and Modern Meadow. Proptech is making great use of sensors and software. I like the use of sensors, robotics, drones and AI in agtech (precision farming). In vertical farming, Norwegian JOR and InFarm are doing great work, and when it comes to material production Modern Meadow is a great innovator. 

 Who are your customers?
I am still a relatively new company, but with my background from the finance ecosystem, my customers include financial players and companies (large and small). Ideally, I would like to work with VC funds, PE funds and private investors – especially those who big ambitions to be pioneers – helping them integrate, commercialise, capitalise and invest in sustainability. 

 What do we do particularly well in Norway or in your country?
Collaborative spirit. Norway is so small, that it is easy to find each other and collaborate. That is an advantage of being a “small” country. 

Recommended reading / viewing for further study for our listeners?
I find system thinking, holistic perspectives and regenerative economics very exciting. I can recommend The Grey Rhino by Michele Wucker, which focuses on impending global changes and why we plagued by inaction or acting too late. In addition, I can recommend Drawdown, which describes the 100 most substantive solutions to global warming. 

 A favourite future quote, as a gift to our audience?
“Never stop talking about what is utopian. What is utopian today can be the solution tomorrow, because things change so fast”, Johan Rockström, former director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre 

 If people are to remember only one thing from our conversation, what would you like it to be?
That we are in a new era of green tech across sectors and systems, and that it is increasingly smart and connected. 


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Det grønne skifte
Vertical farming

Anbefalt litteratur:

“The Grey Rhino” from Michele Wucker

Teknologien vil drive mye av den nødvendige bærekraftutviklingen og raskt akselerere den nødvendige grønne overgangen.

Susanne Gløersen

Dette er SustainableInsight

Informasjon kommer…


With all the optimism produced by the convergence of sustainability and technology, we can easily become complacent and fall into the trap of believing that technology alone will save us. How can we stay motivated to avoid squandering gains in energy efficiency and take an active role in shaping our future?

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