#441 - Digital receipt - LØRN.TECH David Alexandre Salvail


#441 – Digital receipt

Expørt: David Alexandre Salvail

Co-Founder & CEO

fra Zeipt

Med lørner Silvija Seres

How can we close the gap between retailers and financial institutions? And what are the advantages of having your receipt digitized? In this episode of #LØRN, Silvija talks to Co-Founder & CEO of Zeipt, David Alexandre Salvail about what they learned when they began to digitize paper receipts. 

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David A Salvail 

Admin questions 

  1. David Alexandre Salvail
  1. Zeipt 
  1. Co-founder and CEO 
  1. Bridging the gap between physical retail and digital financial services 
  1. #thezeiptproject 

Podcast questions 

  1. I’m David Alexandre Salvail, Canadian/Norwegian first-time entrepreneur solving paper receipts. To be honest, i’m more interested in the adaptation of tech that drives strong business models, more then focusing on the underlying like AI, big data. 
  1. Talk to our customers, i’m lucky to have a genius co-founder and team that handles the important under-the-bonnet work 
  1. The main factor for us is cost-efficient scale, and choose a microservice-based architecture on Google Cloud. For us, being able to scale linearly and enable seamless interoperating across our tech team is central in for us to improve our business towards our key business metrics which are time- and costs of onboarding retailers. 
  1. I get motivated by the potential impact on the market-, retail and the environment. I also get motivated by our positioning at the stage we’re at now and the fact that we in some ways are underdogs if you look at the size of the challange, the type of players we have to work with and the general market size both on a local and global scale, where not many people don’t understand the full potential in what we do and/or believe we can pull it of.  
  1. For us, we’re following the roll-out of in-store mobile payments and the implementation/roll-out of PSD2 and open banking APIs. Libra is also quite interesting, a bit scary but interesting. 
  1. I don’t have any specific projects, but in general one of the causes i care about is the effect of dis-information “fake news” in public and how to solve it, such as Faktisk.no 
  1. Our customers are cashier systems and digital financial service provider such as banks, accounting software and mobile wallets/payment app. 
  1. Digital infrastructure – ID and payments 
  1. I’m not that much of a reader, LØRN.tech fintech podcast we’ll get you up to date  
  1. Competition is for losers (Peter Thiel) 
  1. The practical utilisation of tech in a good business model is the most important, not the actual tech. 


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