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#468: What´s possible and how quickly

Ekspørt: Charlotte Aschim

CEO and Founder

Fra TotalCtrl

Med Lørner

How can we reduce waste throughout the supply chain? And what are some of the proactive actions businesses can take in order to reduce their food waste? In this episode of #LØRN Silvija talks to CEO and Founder of TotalCtrl, Charlotte Aschim, about how they give suppliers real time inventory control and how this will reduce their waste, save money and much more.

— TotalCtrl’s vision is to eliminate food waste throughout the value chain, from farmer to consumer. So our focus is optimization and efficiency. Digitizing manual routines, preventing waste of resources, and securing more time for the tasks that really contribute to a more sustainable value chain, she explains in the episode.

You will LØRN about: 

  • Food waste
  • Big.Data
  • Digitizing manual processes.
  • IoT

Recommended literature: 

  • The TV show Shark tank,
  • The TV show Dragons Den

Denne podcasten er laget i samarbeid med NITO.

Les mer om alt det spennende arbeidet TotalCtrl gjør

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