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#606: Software Security and Empirical Studies

Expørt: Daniela Soares Cruzes

Senior Research Scientist


Med lørner Silvija Seres

Why is Software security important, and what makes it so interesting? And is there any international advantages, working with software security from Norway? In this episode of #LØRN, silvija talks to Senior Research Scientist at SINTEF, Daniela Soares Cruzes, about collecting empirical data about the software processes in software development teams

Noen kjappe med ekspørt Daniela Soares Cruzes

Daniela Soares Cruzes  

Tittel og selskap? 
Senior Research Scientist – SINTEF 

 Utdanning og hobby? 
Doctor in Software Engineering
My hobby is to travel and movies. 

 SoMe tagger og linker?

 Hvem er du, og hvordan ble du interessert i innovasjon? 
I am a research scientist from Brasil, always interested in the area of Software Engineering, my goal was always to understand how to make people work better in software development, my goal is improvement always, we can always improve and innovate in the way we develop software. Therefore I work to find innovative ways that development teams can work to better software. In SoS-Agile our goal is to help software organizations to improve their software security focus without loosing the agility and self-management of the team.  

 Hva er det viktigste dere gjør på jobben? 
To be in connection with the companies and help them understand the effects of the different actions they do, collecting empirical data about the software processes in their software development teams.  

Hva fokuserer du på innen teknologi/innovasjon? 
Software Engineering and software development processes 

 Hvorfor er det spennende? 
Software is everywhere, and software development is so complex, involving individuals as a very important piece of the complexity. It is amazing to see how small things in the way people behave can change the dynamics of the teams, and of the work. It is so good to see teams growing in maturity and happy with their progress and the product they deliver! 

 Hva synes du er de mest interessante kontroverser? 
It is interesting to see that many times it is the soft skills helps to solve issues in the development of software products. Communication Strategies are often not given the right focus.

 Dine egne relevante prosjekter siste året? 
Help software the development teams develop secure software.  

 Dine andre favoritteksempler på lignende prosjekter, internasjonalt og nasjonalt? 
Science of Security Lablets

 Hva tror du er relevant kunnskap for fremtiden? 
I think that software development is a discipline that the countries should hold, I believe that we should not be only dependent of software developers from outsourced companies. There is much economical gains to be earned from software.  

 Hva gjør vi unikt godt i Norge av dette? 
Norway has a very good educational system and the developers in Norway are very good. Norway is innovative in the software companies, and there is huge potential for exportation of the software developed in Norway to the world.  

 Anbefalt lesing/seing om ditt felt? 
Software Security – Gary Mc Graw. 

Et favoritt fremtidssitat
Be Generous with Your Knowledge 

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Software security
Collective responsibility
Norwegian benefits 
Sharing knowledge

Anbefalt litteratur:

Software Security – Gary Mc Graw.

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