LØRN Products


Best-practice examples:

  • Corporate technology and innovation projects
  • Lighthouse customer stories
  • Leading partners & competitors


  • Digital production, total of 30 minutes, story-based conversational style. 
  • End-to-end production with planning, recording, post-production, distribution and internal/external marketing. Prod time 1 week. 

Main deliverables: Podcast and video. 

Extra materials: Full text, promo video. Landing page on platform, with quiz and group work. 

Gives one certificate. Avg 2700 listens.

Always positive and fun, personal and engaged.



Short digital 4 part course:

  • Introduction (concepts, history, motivation)
  • Examples (three memorable cases)
  • Toolbox (Methods, models, software, books, dilemmas)
  • Workshop (working through LØRN as a customer)


  • Digital production, total of 2 hours (4 x 30 min). 
  • Four lectures/conversations as podcast and video, with extra materials: Article, full text, summary infographics, summary learning points, promo video. Landing page on platform, with quiz and group work. 

Gives one certificate. Avg 5000 listens.



Webinar with 3-part agenda:

  • Introduction by LØRN & CEO
  • Panel 1: internal guests
  • Panel 2: external guests


  • Digital production and distribution, total 1 hour. 
  • End-to-end production with agenda planning, guest identification, content creation and packaging, marketing plans and delivery. 

Avg 500 participants live, 1000 post-live. External focus.



Internal digital meeting:

  • What is the most important thing we have learned?
  • What is, in my opinion, the greatest dilemma?
  • Which project will I do, based on these new skills? 


  • Digital end-to-end production, total 2 hours, on Zoom/Teams, with breakout groups, facilitated self-service format, and workshop leadership. 
  • Three step program: Plenary intro, group work discussions, plenary conclusions. 
  • Up to 100 participants, with a written report after the workshop. Internal focus.