Production guidelines

Before each recording the responsible project manager and the guest prepare for the conversation along three lines:


    1. technical setup and logistics checklist:
      1. mobile phone with Chrome browser
      2. Streamyard (or Squadcast) link to a virtual studio
      3. decent camera and good headphones with microphone
      4. enough power, at least 70% battery
      5. quiet room
      6. good frontal lighting
      7. selfie stand so the camera is at eyesight and horizontal screen
      8. tidy background, preferably dark and pleasant
      9. no loud stuff close to the mike (cufflinks click, papers shuffle, desks wobble)
      10. makeup not required, but a clean shirt and a tidy hairstyle look great on video
    2. learning points and subject matter focus:
      1. what is the main thing we want the listeners to learn (how will we move them)
      2. think of unique angels to popular topics like digitalisation and sustainability
      3. define a headline in max 5 words
      4. define three main learning points
      5. think of links or books or other materials for marketing of the case/masterclass
    3. style guide, so guests understand our unique product:
      1. this is a conversation, not an interview, debate or lecture
      2. aim for a fun, relaxed, surprising chat with another expert
      3. be personal and clear, people remember only what moves them


All guests will receive a questionnaire to fill in before the interview. (Who, What, Where, When, Why). The questions and answers are meant to mentally prepare the interviewee and the interviewer, and will not necessarily be used as is during the recording.  

The detailed production guidelines are available here.