Our NCE Seafoods Innovation courses tackle one of the most talked about and discussed topics of the year and asks the question: How can we use digitalization to create and innovate sustainable aquaculture? It is a deep dive into the aquacloud platform and its ability to standardize and provide easy to understand data for everyone in the industry. The digital revolution in aquaculture is taking place right in front of our eyes. This series of courses will give you the insights and knowledge from one of Norway’s biggest sectors through a series of interviews with candid and smart experts, all of whom have weaved themselves into one of today’s toughest challenges.

NCE Seafood Innovation aims to contribute to sustainable seafood growth, by focusing on innovation. They believe that mobilizing joint forces is the way forward, and theyr cluster contributes through sustainable innovation projects and by facilitating interaction across the industry. Promoting team efforts is a focal point.

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Maritim- og marin teknologi

Jørn Torsvik


AquaCloud AS, Grieg Seafood ASA

Trond Kathenes

Chief Digital Officer

Grieg Seafood ASA

Maritim- og marin teknologi

Charlotte Dupont

Executive director and Co-founder

Bioceanor, Institute of Marine Research

Geir Lasse Taranger

Research director

Institute of Marine Research

Maritim- og marin teknologi

Bryton Shang

Founder and CEO

Aquabyte, Kontali

Thomas Aas

Managing director


Maritim- og marin teknologi

Tomas Finnøy



Emek Seyrek


Fishency Innovation

Maritim- og marin teknologi

Björgolfur Hávardsson

Innovation Manager

Seafood Innovation

Maritim- og marin teknologi

Cecilie Walde

Ph.D. candidate/researcher

Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Grieg Seafood

Solveig Nygaard

Global fish health manager

Grieg Seafood ASA