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​”Learning has become a part of our new professional hygiene, and a core of our business. It is our ticket to the future. We have gathered some of our new stories in this series. We hope you enjoy and learn.”
— Sigve Brekke (CEO Telenor)


Sigve Brekke

«The Perfect Storm»

How has its Scandinavian corporate culture given Telenor a competitive advantage when doing business in Asia? What is «the perfect storm» of technologies, and why does it matter to all of us? In this episode of LØRN Silvija talks to Telenor Group CEO Sigve Brekke, about how Telenor is working…


Patrick Waldemar

5G Digitizes Society

How will the 5G network affect our community? And how will this network contribute to the digitization of our society? In this episode of # LØRN, Silvija talks with Technology Research Manager at Telenor Group, Patrick Waldemar, about the new opportunities created by 5G networks. This episode is produced in…


Ola Jo Tandre

Sustainability in Telenor

When young women choose education today, why are so few confident in choosing science? And how does Telenor work with sustainability? In this episode of #LØRN, Silvija talks to Head of Social Responsibility in Telenor Group, Ola Jo Tandre, about sustainability, diversity and tech. This episode is produced in collaboration…


Liv Elise Saune Tøftum

Democratization of data

How do our patterns define us, and what can we learn about people from their patterns? In this episode of #LØRN Silvija speaks to Head of Analytics and Customer Lifecycle Management at Telenor Norway, Liv Elise Saune Tøftum, about the value created from insight, democratizing of data and automatization. This…


Astrid Undheim

AI in Telenor

What is the advantage of working with AI from Norway? And why is it important to distinguish artificial intelligence as a technology and from its application? In this episode of #LØRN, Silvija talks to VP of Analytics & AI in Telenor Group, Astrid Undheim, about how Telenor is working with…


Camilla Amundsen

Modernization of Norway

Why is it important to upgrade our copper network that has been working for the past 100 years? And how will an improved infrastructure impact and improve our society? In this episode of # LØRN, Silvija talks to, CMO for Fixed & TV in Telenor Norway, Camilla Amundsen, about how…


Rune Harald Rækken

New standardizations for 5G

What is Norway´s unique experience in network technology from a global perspective? And why do we need new standards when connecting new devices onto the new high speed network 5G? In this episode of #LØRN Silvija speaks with Senior Radio Access Network Expert in Telenor Group, Rune Harald Rækken, about…


Swati Sharma

New Digital Products

The next decade is expected to be the decade of voice assistants, so how will «Tia» be an important part of this? And how do Telenor develop new digital products tailored to the Norwegian family? In this episode of #LØRN will Silvija talks to Head of Digital Product Development in…


Terje Jensen

Architecture driving future business

How do you convert the technical trends and business opportunities into tangible action plans? And in what ways are Norway world a leading nation when it comes to network technology? In this episode of LØRN Silvija talks to Terje Jensen, Head of Network Architecture in Telenor Group, about global leadership…


Ruza Sabanovic

Modernizing Telenor and society–technology as engine

How do you globalize technology that will fit both Norway and Myanmar? And how do Telenor balance the new corporate landscape which is constantly changing? In this episode of #LØRN Silvija talks to Group CTO at Telenor Group, Ruza Sabanovic, about how technology is changing the way we work and…


Ingeborg Øfsthus

Going to the next “G”

5 years from now, how will the network infrastructure look like in Norway? And is the time ripe to modernize the network infrastructure? In this episode of LØRN Silvija talks to CTO in Telenor Norway, Ingeborg Øfsthus, about have our lives and workplaces will transform in the digital age. This…


Jarle Moss Hildrum

AI and transformation of the workplace

How can a machine learning model predict voluntary resignations from employees in Telenor? And what are the controversies for having such a model? In this episode of LØRN Silvija speaks with VP of Innovation and Organization in Telenor Research, Jarle Moss Hildrum, about AI and how it transforms the workplace….


Johannes Bjelland

Big Data and 'Social Physics'

How can Big Data give us the tools we need to study human behavior at scale? And what comes out from the intersection between social science and technology? In this episode of #LØRN Silvija speaks with Senior Data Scientist in Telenor Research, Johannes Bjelland, about how Telenor uses the data…


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